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Shekhawati International Academy

Sikar Road, Losal

Distt:Sikar (Raj.) 332 025


Phone : 01577-275852
Mobile : 9887195720


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A school is a social institution, derived by the human race for self-development. It is a place, which reflects the shape of human thought, philosophy and he unpredictability between the individual and the society. It unearths the latent talent of a person and fills the human mind with knowledge and facts. It develops the power of reasoning and shows the boundaries of right and wrong.

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– Sarvesh Agarwal Xth
– Kavyalata Kothari Xth
– Annu Sain Xth
– Priyanka Jakhar Xth
– Anju Khokhar Xth
– Mahendra Mahala Xth
– Sarvesh Agarwal XIIth(Science) - 2014th
– Rakesh Kumar 12th(Science) 2014th
– Priya Jangid 12th (Science) - 2014th
– Vidya Prakash 2014 - 15th
– Sachin Ranwa 12th(Commerce) - 2014th
– Priyanka Kuri 2014-Class:10th
– Ruchika Ranwa 2014- Class:10th
– Pallavi Shekhawat 2014- Class:10th
– Divyansh Padaliya 2014- Class:10th
– Abhishek Bajiya 2014- Class:10th
– Lalit Soni 2014- Class:10th
– Arun Kumar Saini Xth
– Chetan Choudhary Xth
– Mohit Garg Class X (2015)th
– Nikita Choudhary Class - X (2015)th
– Pankaj Kumar Class - X (2015)th
– Shubham Khandelwal Class - X (2015)th
– Siddharth Gaur Class - X (2015)th
– Vedashish Upadhyay Class - X (2015)th
– Anubhav Sharma Class - X (2015)th
– Jitendra Singh XII (Sci) 2015-16th
– Ankit Daidanka XII (Sci) 2015-16th
– Rahul Saini XII (Comm) 2015-16th
– Mohit Bagaria XII (Sci) 2015-16th
– Sunil Bhakar XII (Comm) 2015-16th
Shekhawati International Academy Sikar Road, Losal, Sikar